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Get Started

In order to get it work the machines which host this services would need to have SSIS Services Installed.

Set up SSIS WCF Services as a Web services
This SSIS WCF Services is quite simple to set up on IIS7.

After downloaded the Release file. E.g. Extract it into a folder, for later use.

1) Launch "Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager". In this example I have used IIS7 in Win7

2) Right click on "Default Web Site" -> "Add Application..."
IIS Manager

3) Fill in the information to the new web application. Select the folder when you extracted the "" in On the "Physical Path :" and click "OK"

4) You should be able to see the web application you just created, then select that application you just created and click on the "Content View" tab

5) Right click on the "SSISServices.svc" file and select "Browse"

6) After clicking on "Browse" on the SSISServices.svc file, it will launch the web service page like below.

7) After you click on the WSDL link above you should be able to see the detail on the WSDL file. ->It would be useful for the application who can consume WSDL web services.

You should be able to add this WCF Services to your .Net application and start to use it =) [via this URL]

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